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Thank you for providing valuable continuing education in a low stress, easy to learn environment. I have experienced some online sites that are time limited, costly and do not guarantee satisfaction. I will recommend your cont. ed. site to all I work with.—Elizabeth S.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!...enough said.—Jacquelyn M.

Very well done. This is the first time I've done this CEU online, and this is as good as the live presentations I've attended in past years.—Brian K.

Appreciate the ease in completing the educational material.—Charlene K.

I love your courses...they are great review, but I find myself learning much more things new than I am reviewing! Keep it up!—Jesse P.

I love the option to print as I was able to work at my own pace. The material was awesome.—Tanya W.

Excellent presentation.—Richard M.

The visual presentation was my primary reason for selecting your site.—Marie R.

Very well organized, thorough and applicable to current practice.—Wylene W.

Excellent - Interesting, easily understandable and well written. Thanks!—Wanda P.

Very effective learning experience.—Shoreh E.

Very thorough! I enjoy reading every word!—Rose L.

All of your courses are well organized and thorough.—Janice V.

Quick and easy and informative, thank you!—Tina N.

This was probably the best on line course I have taken, thank you so much!—Sandy H.

Excellent presentation of information! Not so much information given to lose my attention span, yet enough to be effective. I love the format in which this is given. It works with my life style. It's easy to complete and I don't have to take off of work to complete.—Christine S.

To the point, well done.—Phillip A.

Very clear & concise.—William L.

One of the best courses I have ever taken. Very informative and organized.—Richard G.

Easy to read, navigate and receive feedback.—Belkis L.

Content was very thorough, timely and informative.—Wanda L.

Thank you for making the course(s) easy to read, learn from through reading the material and by taking the test.—Elizabeth S.

This course was formatted well, easy to follow and offered beneficial information.—Angela M.

Loved the course...printed out materials to read at my leasure prior to taking test which was very helpful as I like to read and review prior to taking tests!—Christine F.

This was an excellent course and very informative. Thank you.—Mary B.

Outstanding.—Arthur S.

Great program. Very useful and well presented.—Troi M.

Thank you for this learning opportunity. I found it concise, yet filled with good information. As a health care provider, it was an important review and update of things I have learned. Great CNE opportunity. I will pass along to others.—Shelly K.

I love the print option. I actually printed several courses which gave me ampler time to complete them. They were all well written and I learned alot. They kept me engaged. I will also recommend that my staff take some as well.—Tanya W.

The course information was informative and useful for my job. The information was clear and highlighted the important information.—Linda H.

Your Comments Matter to Us!

Whenever you complete a course from Wild Iris, we ask you to evaluate the effectiveness of the course in meeting the course learning objectives, and some other general questions about your experience.

We do this in part because our accrediting agencies require us to, but also because we want to know what you think!

An optional comment field is provided at the end of the evaluation, and if you proceed to register for your certificate, any comments you share are sent to each of our staff members in a daily report—that's where the comments on this page came from.

But, you do not need to take a course in order to make a comment — Contact us anytime!

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