Nursing Case Manager Courses

Continuing Education

CCMC Approved CE ProviderCCMC-approved courses are listed here. No other Wild Iris courses are currently approved for nursing case managers. More Information


Signs and symptoms of asthma, the underlying disease process, home response, the step approach to treating an asthma attack, common medications, and treatment variations for special populations of patients.

8 $45.00
Breast Cancer

Epidemiology of breast cancer; approaches to prevention; assessment of risk factors; screening and diagnosis methods; updated treatment modalities; survivorship and end-of-life issues.

8 $45.00
Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity prevalence, consequences, contributing factors; assessment, prevention, interventions; ethical issues.

6 $39.00
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Causes and forms of COPD; treatment, acute exacerbations, pulmonary rehabilitation, effects of smoking, and answers to common questions asked by patients.

5 $35.00
Coronary Artery Disease SPECIAL OFFER

Prevalence, pathophysiology, medical evaluation, acute treatment and long-term management, and prevention of coronary artery disease.

6 $29.00
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2

Type 2 diabetes: causes, assessment, screening and diagnostic tests, treatment guidelines, pharmacology, complications, prevention and intervention.

7 $42.00
End-of-Life Care

6 $39.00
HIV/AIDS for Washington Healthcare Professionals (7 CH)

REQUIRED FOR LICENSURE Fulfills the requirement for 7 hours of HIV/AIDS training in Washington State.

7 $65.00
Ohio Nurse Practice Act: Standards of Safe Nursing Practice

REQUIRED FOR OHIO RN/LPN Standards for competent nursing practice of RNs and LPNs in Ohio. Fulfills the requirement for 1 CH on the Ohio Nurse Practice Act.

1 $10.00
Pain Management

Pain management: its nature, sources, assessment, interventions, documentation. Ethical/legal issues; effects upon various groups of people.

6 $39.00
Prostate Cancer

Epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment of prostate cancer; approaches to screening and prevention; interventions and evaluation for patients and their significant others.

5 $35.00
Stroke: Comprehensive Acute Stroke Care

Anatomy, pathophysiology, diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment options for acute stroke, emphasizing immediate care and initial rehabilitation.

10 $45.00

History, prevalence, risk factors, symptoms, complications, testing, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, public health considerations

4 $30.00
Wound Care

Phases of healing, cleansing wounds, caring for acute wounds, signs and symptoms of infected wounds, advising patients with wound care questions by telephone.

6 $39.00
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